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Dragon Tae Kwon Do Club

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Mission Statement

Our precious world is constantly changing so it makes a tremendous chore for society to adapt in many situations or instances.  This makes it hard for future generations to cope with  fast moving environment.  Our children are the victims I am concerned about.  It seems they are faced with peer pressures, unwarranted accusations, and the identity problems that follow.  This confuses children and causes them to have trouble making decisions.  Therefore, they lack the confidence to maintain the important, caring healthy qualities that they need to get along in society today - whether it be at school, the work place or at a recreational function.  The Dragon Tae Kwon Do Club offers leadership qualities that assist the student in the struggle they face just to fit into everyday life.  As our children experience the hours of training in the classroom structured program, along with the morals, sensitivity towards others and the leadership qualities that we need to survive this ever-changing world, I hope that one day they can give back what they are receiving.


May God Bless Our Children