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Dragon Tae Kwon Do Club

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Head Instructor - Scott DeSarro

For the last 22 years I have had the opportunity to train in the Korean art of self defense called Tae Kwon Do. Originating in Korea, this art was handed down to me by a gentleman named Mr. William Adams, who in turn received his black belts from "Martial Artist-Turned Superstar" Chuck Norris to Bruce Hargreaves and then to myself.

Through my years of training I had great pleasure in gaining the friendship of numerous world champions such as Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Professor Wally Jay, Ernie Boggs, Graciella Casillas, Craig Oaxley and Sensei John Hamilton, just to name a few. Being acquainted with these individuals proved to me that friendships and acquaintanceships are going to be established in the training hall. I cherish these people for their hard work and dedication. Furthermore, they have taught me to be disciplined and have respect for myself and they have passed on to me leadership qualities through teaching what is right. 

Therefore, I will say that any person studying the art of Tae Kwon Do from my set course of study will by no means, way, shape or form ever be a part of injuring, hurting the feelings of, or indulging in any type of negative criticism that will hurt another individual. My way of self defense is a deep thought of teaching and is not a way to prove yourself by bullying another person, but to learn how to humble yourself and gain friendship. Although self defense in this art is taught to an individual for use in life threatening situations, it is much more than punching and kicking. This art being taught to you or your child should be practiced for perfection and pleasure of exercise. I personally will not allow students to show off, so to speak, or teach something they in turn have not perfected themselves or have not shown an understanding of.

Parents, please help with instruction outside the classroom to the best of your abilities. Encourage the student of the Dragon Tae Kwon Do Club to better himself every step of the way, teach him what is right from wrong and instruct him never to use his art to wrongfully hurt another living thing. We can often make things better than they are in bad situations by just taking a deep breath and thinking before we act. In closing, thank you very much for taking the time to review this letter.


Scott A. DeSarro